A regular podcast with interviews and insights from Property and PropTech leaders. It is purely a property related podcast, aimed at both businesses and candidates interested in pursuing or furthering a career in Property / Estate Agency.

Keep on top of industry developments, exciting companies and opportunities, and learn about breakthrough applications throughout the PropTech world.


Cheesy as it may sound, we are so PROUD of our candidates. We support them to grow their careers and then watch like a proud parent would!

Property is such an exciting sector and the possibilities are endless! As with anything, sometimes it’s good to speak to experts who can help you find the perfect opportunity for you.


The ideal result comes from great teams. N1PR know all about successful teams and enjoy helping our clients to continue to grow theirs.

By partnering with our client, we are able to recognise potential candidates from their skillset, personality and company cultural fit. This leads to some very exciting hires and impressive results.


Looking to begin your career in property? This is a great place to start! Make sure you check out our podcast as there is a wide range of regularly updated content from the industry to help you take this first step.

Let’s talk! We have helped thousands of professionals take their first steps into a property career. We look forward to helping you too!


Unlocking your business potential. The N1PR team support clients to unlock their potential, both domestically and internationally. Sometimes this is through recruiting a key member of the team, and other times it’s ensuring you get the most from your existing team.

With our talent management, retention, pipelining and key performer training, we will support you to continue to progress and succeed.


For the love of PropTech! N1PR work closely with PropTech professionals all over the world. This means that we are able to recommend and make introductions between our clients and some of the most exciting PropTech businesses in the world.

We are also fortunate enough to be joined on the N1PR Podcast by many of these PropTech leaders.